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David Valdiserri, Principal at Modello

Modello USA is a culmination of 30+ years of design experience working with both large furniture companies and small design firms. During that time the furniture industry has changed dramatically, what hasn’t changed is our unique approach to every new product design. We sketch concepts using pen and paper, render 2D concepts to define form language, and refine the design by hand building full-scale, fully functional and sittable prototypes for review.


To compress the product development timeline, Modello USA works with seasoned independent Engineers accustomed to working long days and weekends. They use surface data captured from digitized prototypes, finesse CAD A-surfaces, and build 3D models to optimize all structural components and part assemblies. FEA’s are used throughout the modeling process to support overall structural integrity prior to tooling release.     


Some designers find inspiration in nature. Our inspiration? Materials and processes. Plastic, aluminum, and steel. Injection molding, die-casting, and stamping.  We have extensive knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes, and apply those fundamental building blocks to each design, early in the concept development phase.


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Need a fresh product design but have limited internal resources or budget constraints? Back in 2003, Modello USA, AsiaLink and ZenFoo, joined forces to provide unique design driven seating and desk solutions at affordable price points. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute our own private brand products globally through a network of Asian suppliers located in South China.  All our manufacturing partners meet BIFMA and European quality control and sustainability standards.

We are always creating something new and cool, check out our latest product designs available for licensing.